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Oli Shaw

Global Service Design Director, Designit

from London / UK

Oli Shaw


Service design at scale: Designing for impact

Thursday, June 9
12:30 – 13:15
Lecture Room

About Oli

Oli has over 17 years of experience in strategy, communications and service design. he is currently the Group Design Director responsible for growing Turkey, Middle-east and Africa for Fjord – Design & Innovation from Accenture Interactive.

He works with Fortune 500 brands, consulting strategically for the Boards of C-suite companies globally. By creating new, improved and more meaningful experiences for businesses, customers and employees, He has created design studios, creative departments and grown design teams internationally.

He is fascinated by the culture that surrounds us and our evolving relationship with brands, business and technology. He strives to achieve a better understanding of the connection between these things; exploring how to shape the relationship we have with the world around us as consumers, employees or organisations.