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Oli Shaw


Service design at scale: Designing for impact

Thursday, June 9
12:30 – 13:15
Lecture Room

Oli Shaw
Global Service Design Director, Designit

Through strategic design at (enterprise) scale we can see how designing; products and services, creates changes to business processes and leads to organisational transformation.

My work has taken me across the world, to global organisations all looking to adress a very real problem to them. But regardless of the industry, or market(s) they operate in, there are a number of similar patterns in the problems the are looking to approach, such as:
• How do we reduce operational costs?
• How to we reach and grow a new audience segment?
• How to we improve business efficiency?
• How to we increase customer delight?

These are complex problems which lay within complex systems (organisations), so we approach these problems with multi-disiplinary teams; combining strategy, business, service design, interaction, visual, content, technologists, motion designers, and many other skills. Increasingly we see a great benefit in inducting key people within the business into the design teams, as they have not only the domain of knowledge, but also the connections within the organisation to accelerate finding and creating the solutions.

The best solutions come from a clear understanding of the end to end journey, which often spans multiple business silos within and organisation. and need to find a balance in priorities with; commercial needs, feasibility and user needs. The results can often impact and demand changes to:
• Business process & models
• Employee tools and training
• How quality and success is measures within and organisation

Example (abstracted for client confidentiality):
How to improve customer delight though improving the field technicians tools.
This project would result in impacting the working lives of 6000 employees across a country.
The critical success factors to this work where:
• Understanding the customers experience and the technicians experience
• Rapidly getting a design team deep technical knowledge
• Carefully handling the change management of the technicians working processes