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Katharina Weber

Service Designer, eda.c

from Berlin / Germany

Katharina Weber


Using customer journey maps as a strategic tool for continuous improvement

Friday, June 10
14:30 – 15:15
Lecture Room

About Katharina

Katharina is a UX strategist and service designer from Berlin. She is working freelance and is a fellow consultant at the enterprise design consultancy eda.c.

Her main agenda is to help creating meaningful user experiences for complex applications and services. In her recent projects she explores the intersections between design and business in disciplines such as design management, organizational design and business modeling. Thereby working towards holistic solutions that fit both the business strategy and the user needs.

Katharina is also regularly working as a Google Mentor, teaching hands-on methodology for Product Strategy and User Experience design to young entrepreneurs of the start up scene.

Years ago Katharina fell in love with the beautiful landscapes, languages, music and design of Scandinavia. Approach her if you like to teach her some Danish or Swedish or if you like to get tipps for your next hiking tour.