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Katharina Weber


Using customer journey maps as a strategic tool for continuous improvement

Friday, June 10
14:30 – 15:15
Lecture Room

Katharina Weber
Service Designer & Fellow, eda.c

Customer journey maps are widely used in companies as a means for communicating the user perspective and thereby create better user experiences. In my talk I want to show how to use customer journey maps beyond this.

The first case study will show how we used the customer journey as a driver for product enhancement and innovation for the danish enterprise architecture software vendor Qualiware.

The second case study will show at the example of a german Online-Broker how you can also use the customer journey map as a tool to prioritize and plan the continuous improvement of your products and services.

You will hear about methods how to come up with the customer journey in the beginning and how to use it as a tool within your team to innovate, plan and measure initiatives and projects.