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Johannes Stock


Learning to innovate. Spreadshirt’s Journey towards a Culture of Innovation

Thursday, June 9
11:45 – 12:30
Lecture Room

Johannes Stock
Head of Design, Spreadshirt

More innovation – that’s what many companies strive for. But how can we actually get there? What are the conditions for a sustainable culture of innovation? What are the actual steps that need to be taken? And how can we measure success? We’re no strangers to questions like that at Spreadshirt, the leading supplier of print-on-demand clothes and accessories in Europe. Here, a mixed team of designers, product managers and developers are collaborating in the search for answers.
And as it is the case with every process of innovation, their journey is one of experimentation, failure and pushing through. Their resulting approach is all about making the most of existing strengths in order to shape a dynamic company that is dedicated to learning. This talk will guide you through the successes and the pitfalls on the team’s journey – and towards their discoveries.

Some of the topics covered:

- Starting the conversation about innovation
- Empowering designers to become change agents
- Building a community of practice
- The impact of company culture on innovation
- How to not give up