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Gerry McGovern Milan Guenther Benjamin Falke

Master Class

Top Tasks in Strategic Enterprise Design

Thursday, June 9
14:15 – 16:30
Master Class Room

Gerry McGovern
Founder & CEO, Customer CareWords

Milan Guenther
Partner, eda.c

Benjamin Falke
Partner, eda.c

Traditional approaches to management have failed. Too many models focus on outputs such as products, services or channels, rather than what matters as an outcome: an impact on the relationship with your customers. This means transforming the way businesses work, and realigning the various moving parts of enterprises behind what the customer actually wants and needs. Top Tasks and Design Sprints are two Enterprise Design tools crossing silos and roles, because managing tasks requires an interdisciplinary, organization-wide approach. Using a case study from Toyota Europe, we will introduce them as part of a rapid approach to shifting enterprises: identifying your customer's top tasks, and immediately acting on them by bringing key people together in Enterprise Design Sprints.