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Trishit Sengupta


Re-imagining Architecture: Strategic Design for Digital Business

Friday, June 10
12:00 – 12:45
Lecture Room

Trishit Sengupta
Chief Architect, Business Change in Wipro Digital

With human race becoming increasingly digital, we are experiencing one of the most fundamental shifts in the history. Business are rapidly transforming into experience delivery platform, radically moving away from traditional product / service based business model. Hence, crafting and realising transformative vision centred around customer experience became pivotal.

In effect, “Digital” is a lifestyle, significantly different way of working and collaborating, which demands fundamentally different capabilities leading to a new business model altogether.

With empowered consumers taking charge of the steering wheel and dictating norms, there is an unprecedented demand and expectation for integrated services mapped to consumer life-cycle events - the customer journey.

To be successful and relevant, digital business must be carefully designed and architected to become preferred platform consistently delivering outstanding customer experience. Architecture of future digital business would be concentric, cohesive and adaptive, seamlessly marrying outside-in and inside-out paradigms. Differentiating value proposition of successful digital business lies in the intersection of strategy, design and technology.

This session will focus on the differentiating aspects of architecting digital enterprise, along with an integrated approach of business design. Key takeaways and learning from the session includes, but not limited to:

• Understanding and contextualising digital - as lifestyle and business model
• Experience design - linking customer journey engineering, business capabilities and product / service offerings
• Capability architecture and design principles for integrated services (mapped to consumer life-cycle events)
• How to embody velocity, impact and excellence – delivering differentiating experience at speed with flexibility
• Managing multi-speed organisation – integrate, interoperate, collaborate
• Reflection on integrated enterprise design case study