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Mike Atherton


Bridging Experience through Brand

Thursday, June 9
14:15 – 15:00
Lecture Room

Mike Atherton
Content Strategist, Facebook

This is a pre-recorded talk. Afterwards Mike will answer your questions remotely via video chat.

At the intersection of UX, IA, and content strategy is systems thinking. We consider the high-level structure and interoperability of visual language, semantic language, and indeed - language. Agile development has made that difficult, with designers trying desperately to keep up with a development process all about diving-in head-first.

It can all lead to a lot of squabbling. Lack of alignment between production, marketing, and customer service. Even product definition itself, drifting hopelessly off-course and sinking slowly under the weight of its own feature bloat.

When you don’t know what you believe, everything becomes an argument.

So you need a north star. Something to follow to keep everyone aligned. Funnily enough the process of finding that has been around forever, but it’s dismissed by some of us as merely marketing.

Let’s look at what brand really means and how it can be used to bridge the worlds of UX, IA, and content strategy - and indeed align product roadmaps and entire organisations.